Spartan may support Chrome extensions to make development easy and fast

Spartan may support Chrome extensions to make development easy and fast

In today's internet connect world, web browsers are the gateway to all the content we hold dear. Microsoft's web browser has been infamous for being difficult to work with from a web developer stand point, so now Microsoft is rumored to be creating a new web browser similar to IE for Windows 10. This new browser, code named Spartan, will be a fresh start for Microsoft to convince today's savvy consumers that Microsoft can still provide a great browser. One of the major issues many users have with IE is the lack of extension support, but now Microsoft may be planning a more Chrome approach to extensions, by supporting Chrome extensions.

Details are still vague but there are reports Spartan will support Chrome extensions to some degree. Initial support may be weak, but the main idea behind supporting Chrome extensions lies in helping developers. Microsoft wants a wide range of extensions to come to their new browser, and if Microsoft introduced a totally new systems for browser extensions, then developer support would probably lag behind. Hopefully we'll see Microsoft reveal more details about their Spartan extension plans tomorrow in a way which makes developers and users happy.

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