Spartan browser to support extensions in Windows 10, similar to Google Chrome

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Spartan browser to support extensions in Windows 10, similar to Google Chrome

In Windows 10, Microsoft’s Spartan browser will reportedly support the use of extensions. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer development team confirmed the use of extensions on Twitter, in an effort to distance Spartan from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft’s Spartan browser will be included in Windows 10 and will be used universally across Windows PCs, tablets, and phones.

Miicrosoft’s Internet Explorer 11 supports add-ons, but they are different from the extensions used in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The use of extensions on the Spartan browser will likely be different from Google Chrome extensions, but will likely be somewhat similar. Microsoft is clearly moving away from Internet Explorer to reinvent the Windows 10 browser experience.

There is still a lot more to learn about Microsoft’s upcoming Spartan browser, but it is sure to be a much different than Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Spartan will have Cortana digital assistant integration, reading mode features, as well as an inking mode to make notes on webpages. The Spartan browser will be released on Windows 10 RTM, but the official name has yet to be revealed. There is also no indication if the Spartan browser will be available for Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. As usual, we will just have to wait and see what Microsoft plans when Windows 10 ships out later this year.   

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