MWC 2015: Microsoft shows off Spartan and Maps on Windows 10 for phones

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Spartan and Maps to be made universal apps, will work across all Windows 10 devices

Part of the great promise of Windows 10 is the notion of cross-device interactivity. With the same version of the OS running on tablets, phones and PCs simultaneously, what syncs across these devices is the user experience. This means that the same apps will be available, no matter where users choose to use them.

To this point, during its 2015 MWC conference, Microsoft has confirmed that, among others, the Spartan browser is coming to Windows 10 for Mobile. Traditionally, the browsing experience on Windows Phone has centered almost exclusively around the Internet Explorer browser bundled with the system. Though achieving excellent scores in SunSpider, the browser nonetheless struggled to reach the same levels of functionality and speed as on other operating systems.

Spartan promises to change this considerably, delivering greater speed and functionality, both on the phone and on the PC, promising interaction in-between. To this end, Microsoft’s mapping solution, will also be achieving the same level of functionality. From the introduction of Windows 10, users will be able to plan a map on PC, and then follow the route using their mobile device of choice. Both are being made universal apps, working across Windows 10.

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Spartan and Maps to be made universal apps, will work across all Windows 10 devices

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