Spanish Streamer TheGrefg gets his own Fortnite skin and breaks a Twitch viewership record

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Grefg Fortnite video game skin on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Grefg’s official Fortnite skin was finally revealed today during a special broadcast on the streamer’s Twitch channel.

The skin will be reactive (change color under certain conditions) and will be complemented by a back bling (also reactive), a dance emote, and a pickaxe that features a glowing video game controller. The entire set will be available to buy for all Fortnite players later this month on the 16th though it will also be winnable in an online competition called Floor is Lava sometime before then.

An update is expected to roll out to the Fortnite video game sometime tomorrow which will likely add Gregf’s items along with a variety of other new game additions.

Grefg will be the fourth streamer to have a skin based on his likeness added to the Fortnite video game’s Icon Series, a collection of in-game content inspired by real-world creators. Previous streamers to have Icon Series skins added to Fortnite include the USA’s Ninja and Australia’s LoserFruit and Lachlan. Grefg, who’s based in Spain and primarily streams in Spanish, will be the first non-English speaking streamer promoted in such a way within Fortnite.

Impressively, Gregf’s stream, where he revealed his skin and associated items, broke an all-time Twitch record for the number of concurrent viewers with over 2.4 million viewers tuning in at one point. The on-demand version of the broadcast, which can be watched here, currently has 25 million overall views which is around 22 million more views than his other recent broadcasts.

Fortnite is currently in Chapter 2, Season 5 with a season of content inspired by bounty hunters and Star Wars’ The Mandalorian. The game’s new subscription service, Fortnite Crew, just began its second month and, while there were numerous bugs that affected players all over the world, everything seems to be working fine now.

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