SoundCloud+ is a fully featured and modern third party client for Windows Phone

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Soundcloud+ is a fully featured and modern third party client for windows phone

While there is not an official SoundCloud app for Windows Phone, there are multiple third party alternatives. There’s now one more option available in the form of SoundCloud+. Its design is crisp and modern and there are all the features you’d need to have a solid SoundCloud experience.

Here’s the feature list for SoundCloud+

  • Modern design
  • Follow & unfollow new people to get new tracks in your user profile
  • All information about user profile
  • Listen to playlists you have created on the SoundCloud website.
  • Comment on tracks
  • View your stream as well as tracks you like
  • View people's profiles and their tracks, likes, followers and who they're following
  • Pin tracks and playlists to the start screen
  • Download tracks for offline play (only some songs)
  • Share tracks
  • Full-fledged search (via tracks, genre, people)
  • The possibility of creating an account on SoundCloud
  • You can create your own playlists (custom name)
  • And many more ..

The ability to comment within the app, create an account and the orange color scheme integrate it well with the SoundCloud website.

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