SoundByte removes offline support after SoundCloud complains of policy violations

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We recently covered the SoundCloud client, SoundByte, and today we have more to cover on this particular app. Unfortunately, this time, we won't deliver good news. The app lost one of its main features: the offline support.

SoundCloud contacted Grid Entertainment's Dominic Maas about the SoundByte application, delivering some bad news for the developer and for all of its users. The offline support was the main feature of the app, letting users download all of their favourite sounds so they could listen to them when they didn't have any internet connection. An update has been released, changing the offline page to a piece of text informing the users about the removal, then another one removing the page completely.

The app is still excellent, however, and delivers a lot of loveable features with a nice and clean design. You can download the free trial, that lasts forever, from the link below

SoundByte - YouTube & SoundCloud Music Player
SoundByte - YouTube & SoundCloud Music Player
Developer: ‪Dominic Maas‬
Price: Free+

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