Sound off: What’s your Windows Event mood?

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This morning, noted Microsoft watcher/Tweeter WalkingCat summed up his mood regarding the June 24th Windows event:

We laid out some of our expectations/questions last week, and just posted a Twitter poll where you can vote on what you think will happen:

As of now, while there’s lots of speculation, no one outside of Panos Panay’s team really knows what’s going to happen. That doesn’t stop us (or you!) from taking some guesses on what June 24th will bring. Take the poll, and sound off in the comments below – what are you expecting from the June 24th Windows event?

(note, due to an unintentional glitch here at OnMSFT, some of the comments on our original announcement post and our follow-up 10 questions post were lost, please sound off again if we lost your comment!)

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