Sound mixer, Kinect chat volume controls, better speech recognition for Xbox One coming soon

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Sound and volume controls plus better speech recognition come to Xbox One's Kinect chat

The next update for Xbox One is one that concentrates largely on audio, with snapped apps gaining a new sound mixer and Kinect chat benefiting from the addition of volume controls. The update will start to roll out to Xbox One owners who have signed up for the early access program starting “this week”.

The snapped apps volume control means that it will now be possible to make one app louder than the other, and the ability to control volume in Kinect chat is something that is likely to be welcomed by many — particularly as Microsoft says these two features are being implemented as a result of feedback.

Xbox One is renowned for its voice control options, and this is something that is set to improve. A new, optional opt-in setting allows Microsoft to collect voice data for improvement purposes. Microsoft points out that “this is completely optional and all voice data shared via this setting will be used for product improvement only.”

If you’re an eager beaver, you can grab the update on demand as soon as it is available, rather than having to wait for a full rollout.  

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