SoulCalibur 6, Trials Rising highlight this week’s Deals with Gold

Jonny Caldwell

Soulcalibur VI video game on Xbox One

Another week has passed, and now we have another set of video game sales with this week’s Deals with Gold. Right now, members can grab SoulCalibur VI, the latest episode of the widely popular fighting game series, for just $19.80 (67% off). The game was released back in October, so if you been debating on whether to get it this year, now might be the best time to make that decision.

Additionally, if you’ve been enjoying the Trials series of racing games, you can save $5 on the latest installment, Trials Rising, bringing it down to just $19.99 with your Xbox Live Gold membership. The episode was released only a month ago, giving those who have grown to enjoy the series even more races to beat.

For those without Gold, the Microsoft Store has a host of other sales for gamers to take advantage of. The Batman: Arkham Collection is on sale for just $24 (60% off), Injustice 2 is $27.99 ($3 off), The Elder Scrolls: Online is just $10 (normally $19.99), and the Legendary Edition of Skyrim can be had for $23.99 (40% off). Additionally, Titanfall 2 is the highlight of this week’s Spotlight Sale, which brings the normally $19.99-game down to just five dollars.

And now that winter is finally over, we should see a massive Xbox Spring Sale soon, which the company has made a tradition of hosting each year. Last year, we saw 85% taken off many titles for Xbox Live Gold members, so who know what this one will offer?