Sorry Halo fans, Halo 5 is not coming to the Xbox 360

Halo 5

Recently, the folks at 343 industries announced the next installment of the popular Halo franchise dubbed as Halo 5 Guardians. The company announced the game will arrive for the Xbox One some time in 2015, but what about the good old Xbox 360? There's a bad news for all the Xbox 360 owners who are waiting for Halo 5 Guardians on their console. It has been confirmed that the game will not hit Xbox 360.

The folks at Geekwire got in touch with Microsoft who confirmed that Halo 5 will not make its way to Xbox 360. "Responding to an inquiry from GeekWire, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed that the game won’t be made for Xbox 360," says GeekWire in a report. 

Halo has been a very popular title for Xbox since 2001, and the latest episode will definitely boost the sales of the Xbox One as well. This may attract Xbox 360 owners to upgrade to the new console, and Microsoft is trying to make sure that happens one way or another. Recently, the company reduced the price of the console to $399 (without Kinect), which may boost the sales of the console.

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