Sony’s PlayStation VR works with Microsoft’s Xbox One

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Several tech sites have begun to discover that Sony’s new virtual reality device, PlayStation VR, actually works with Microsoft’s Xbox One console. It even appears to work with Nintendo’s WiiU video game console.

While all three companies’ consoles are significantly different in design, the cross-compatibility functions due to the basic connectivity of the HDMI cable. The Xbox One and WiiU simply detect it as an external monitor and consequentially send whichever visual and audio data is being output to the PlayStation VR instead of the usual television screen.

Naturally, there are no Sony PlayStation VR video games on the Xbox One or WiiU so 360 degree motion detection has no effect on the visuals which float in a static location in front of the user’s eyes. Earphones can also be connected directly into the headset to allow for a more immersive sound but as Polygon’s Allegra Frank points out, any sound produced will be in basic stereo and not the 360 degree sound of compatible games.

PlayStation VR may not convert Xbox One video games into virtual reality experiences but this media output functionality does make it a very viable option for gamers to use when a television set or the Windows 10 / Xbox One streaming is unavailable for whatever reason.

Can you see yourself using a PlayStation VR with your Xbox One like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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