Sony: A third of PlayStation 4 users jumped ship from the Xbox 360 or Wii U

Sony: A third of PlayStation 4 users had Xbox 360 or Wii U as their last console

About one third of PlayStation 4 users had Xbox 360 or Wii as their last gaming console. Worldwide Studios senior VP of product development Scott Rohde said in an interview that a decent amount of people -- around 31% -- migrated from rival’s consoles and bought Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Furthermore, citing Nielsen reports, Rohde said around 17% of PlayStation 4 users didn’t own a gaming console in the last generation. That’s a decent number -- both the new users as well as those who switched from other platforms. 

"Everyone in this industry always tracks that kind of stuff," Rohde told in an interview to Computer Video Games. "It's always fascinating to look at all this data. So, two of the things I can talk about - because they're true. 17 per cent of PS4 owners did not own a last-gen console. That in itself is a pretty shocking number."

In an effort to make more people enjoy the all time successful titles -- which they might not have played before -- folks at Sony are bringing such titles to the PlayStation 4. "31 percent of PS4 owners did not own a PS3, but they did own either an Xbox 360 or Wii," Rohde continued. "Now, those are some pretty amazing numbers. And that's why, again, I think we're doing things like bringing The Last of Us to PS4, because there's a huge percentage of those people who never got to play it and that's a shame."

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were launched in November last year and have done exceptionally well. While the current stats are not available, last we heard, around 7 million units of PS4 and 5 million units of Xbox One had been sold.

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