Sony VAIO Duo 11 tablet hybrid set to rival Microsoft’s Surface tablet

Leaked images show a Surface-like tablet device running some form of Windows 8 entitled the VAIO Duo 11. The device looks to have a slide-out keyboard, but details are unclear on whether or not it will run Microsoft’s new Windows RT operating system.

A source close to PocketNow has given details regarding this new tablet-keyboard hybrid device from Sony. Based on the screenshots, device’s display looks to be somewhere around 10.6 inches, possibly 11 judging by the tablet’s name, with a stylus as an additional method of input. While not much is currently known about the Duo 11, we’ll continue reporting as more details emerge. This tablet is a sign that manufacturers aren’t backing down from the challenge that Surface brings, so we’ll be seeing some tight competition this coming fall. It looks like the Surface is having the exact affect that Microsoft was aiming for, encouraging other manufacturers to step up their game and deliver a quality product.

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