Sony insists on Microsoft having first jab at announcing new console

Well, lookie here. Seems like Sony isn't too keen on the competition this year, as the company is insisting that Microsoft should announce the new Xbox before Sony announce the new PlayStation. It's all about the competition, it's all about the game, see what I did there?

Sony insists on Microsoft having first jab at announcing new console - - January 21, 2013

The CEO of Sony said "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?", which is true. Allow your competitors to make the first move so you can build upon and improve your product and make it better.

But doesn't this make Sony look a little weak? It makes them look scared and worried about the new Xbox, I don't think you'll ever see Microsoft insist on the competition announcing a new product before them so they can improve upon it, right? We must admit however, it's a good strategy.

A recent leak revealed all the details about the new Xbox console anyway, so Sony could have a peak at those reports, although they aren't confirmed.

The only worry here is that now Microsoft might hold back and wait for Sony, and if Sony are waiting for Microsoft, we could have a bottleneck on the console announcement dates. This could last millions of years!

Well, we'll see how this all plays out, as recent rumours have suggested that both Sony and Microsoft have plans on announced their new consoles at GDC in March. We can only hope.

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