Sony considering jumping on board the Windows Phone bandwagon in 2014 (rumor)

From the rumor mill: Sony to jump on board the Windows Phone bandwagon in 2014

According to a new report, Sony is thinking long and hard about launching a Windows Phone device as soon as mid next year. If this is true, Sony will no longer be loyal to Google's Android operating system. Microsoft has reportedly slashed the software licensing fees as well in an attempt to further entice phone makers to jump on board the Windows Phone bandwagon.

"Sony, whose mobile unit has exclusively made smartphones powered by Google’s Android software for nearly four years, has considered launching a Windows phone as soon as mid-2014, according to a person who was involved in the talks and a person briefed about the device," the report suggested.

Of course, this is being labeled as a rumor for now until things are set in stone. Sony has yet to finalize a deal with Microsoft and things could fall apart. Sony has reportedly already designed a prototype smartphone and may even use the Vaio brand name for the phone as it is currently exclusively used for PCs running Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Would you purchase a Sony Windows Phone device? What should Sony name it?

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