Something is coming for Windows Phone, claims Nokia employee

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Well, this is rather interesting. One of Nokia's employees have recently teased an upcoming update for Windows Phone, claiming Microsoft has "something coming" for devices.

Remember those "shh... let's not leak our hard work" wallpapers that were baked into Windows 8 development builds? Well, the Nokia employee has posted up a similar image, but this time it focuses on Windows Phone.

Something is coming for Windows Phone, claims Nokia employee February 5, 2013

Scotty Le, the Nokia Employee, says that he was recently at Redmond to check out a few things he cannot talk about yet, however he can tease it. And that's what he did with the wallpaper above.

It is currently unknown what we should expect for a new Windows Phone update, rumours have claimed that Microsoft are working on a Notification Center for Windows Phone. This is an update we all want to see, isn't it?

Update: Turns out whats on the right side of the screenshot is an exact copy of a screenshot for a Notifications app.

Update 2: WPCentral, the source of this story, has retracted their article. "The source of the article wishes to have his info removed and denies that this was a tease for a notification center. In fact, he's not an employee of Nokia but rather a student involved in a Windows Phone program, making this info dubious at best.In fact, we're hearing the opposite now, that there won't be a notification center announced at MWC. Due to this new info we are not standing by the story. Sorry, folks."

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