Someone remixed Smash Mouth using Windows XP system sounds

YouTuber James Nielssen is known for his quirky (and addictive) remixes of songs and internet memes using a combination of tune mash-ups and recognizable sound effects. Two of his recent tracks took a bit of a retro turn and remixed songs completely with sound effects from Microsoft's old Windows XP operating system.

The first Windows XP remix he made was Smash Mouth's All Star which you can view right here. Nielssen has made several bizarre remixes of this song before, many of which have experienced different degrees of virility online such as the one where every other word was replaced with "bee" from the Bee Movie.

The second and most-recent Windows XP remix was actually of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and can be seen here.

Do you enjoy seeing old tech sound effects being given new life in quirky projects such as these and have you missed seeing Clippy pop up every two minutes while you try to work? Let us know in the comments below.

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