Some Surface RT owners experiencing audio problems, driver issue or Touch Cover to blame?

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Nov 8th, 2012 inNews

Microsoft has been selling the Touch/Type Cover for the Surface RT as the device’s key feature and selling point. However, some Surface RT owners are now experiencing audio issues. Could it be a driver issue or is there a problem with the Touch/Type Cover?

“I get random muting as well. I always have the touch cover installed, but it will mute even when I am not touching any part of the cover or surface. I can be 5 ft away watching something and it will randomly mute,” one user stated on the Microsoft Community forum. “Reverse issue here; when I mute the surface and put it to sleep (button or timeout), it unmutes the device so I hear notifications in the middle of the night. I have the 32gb with touch cover,” another user stated.

Microsoft, however, thinks this issue is related to the Touch/Type Cover. “Regarding the issue of having the sound mute randomly, and in TH IT’s case, unmute, please get in touch with the Surface Technical Support to exchange the Touch / Type Cover. We’re still investigating the issue, however it appears that the cover may be the issue,” Microsoft stated.

Microsoft recommends you go to to exchange your Touch/Type cover, if you are experiencing this issue.

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