Some models of the original Surface Book are almost 50% off on Amazon

Arif Bacchus

If you missed the last chance of getting the original Surface Book at deep discounts, you can now try your luck again. Indeed, some models of the original Surface Book are now almost 50% off on Amazon, going for prices starting at $824.95.

The latest deals bring down the price of the 128GB SSD/ 8GB RAM/ Intel Core i5 Surface Book down from $1,499 to just $825, that’s almost 45% off. The NVIDIA variant with 258GB SSD/8GB RAM/ and an Intel Core i5 Processor also see a price drop in the sale, going for $918 instead of $1,899.00, for a 48% savings.

Other models part of this sale are listed below:

Even though the Surface Book 2 may be a better option, these are still some great deals, and it is an excellent way to save money become a new member of the Surface family. Let us know your thoughts on this deal in the comments section below.