The Solus Project is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime in early 2016

The solus project is coming to xbox one and windows 10 sometime in early 2016

The Solus Project is a Xbox One and Windows 10 PC game due in 2016. The year is 2183 and the Earth is dying. In humankind's mission to find a new planet to call home, you crash land on a violent and mysterious planet.

In The Solus Project, you wander around the planet to gather food, supplies, and collect artifacts around the strange planet to put together who or what is out there, and above all survive. This game has a Fallout-type feel, but without the fighting aspect. There is even a dynamic weather, and day and night system that constantly carves out new terrain, so navigating the planet's landscape will be a  constant challenge.

Grip Games CEO and co-founder Jakub Mikyska thinks The Solus Project is a future-day Robinson Crusoe, but avoids being compared to games like DayZ. In Thhe Solus Project, you are on your own and all alone and it is likely you will succumb to the planet's elements more than a few times. 

In a conversation with Polygon, Mikyska elaborates on his vision for The Solus Project:

"We expect players to be dying a lot, but for each death to be kind of a learning experience. This is a narrative-driven game and it has a story that you follow. That's what makes it different from games like DayZ. The planet that you are on works as the enemy in the game. It's very violent. You really need to work with all of these things to survive. It's really about the feeling of being completely alone. There is no other life form than you."

The Solus Project allows you to explore the planet's massive landscape, including its dark and ominous cave system as you slowly uncover what happened to the alien civilization that inhabited the planet before and what caused their civilization to vanish. You can explore their alien tombs to collect artifacts and try to find out whether their failure to survive all of the planet's dangers will help humankind with a new planet to call home or you'll uncover something far more sinister.

The Solus Project looks like it is going to be a great galactic adventure to find a new Earth to call home. Look for The Solus Project when it becomes available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in early 2016.

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