After solid first week, Bing struggles to predict week two NFL action

Sean Michael

Last week Bing did a solid job predicting NFL games. It got thirteen games correct out of sixteen. Sadly, like the St. Loius Rams, after a great win in the first week of the NFL season, Bing faltered in the second. By only getting six games correct out of sixteen in week two, Bing falls to 19-13 overall. We’re only two weeks into the season, however, and it’ll take a few weeks before we can adequately say how Bing does at predicting games.
Bing getting so many games wrong may be more of a factor of the league that it’s trying to cover. This level of inaccuracy is contrary to Bing’s very accurate predictions about the Oscar’s, which generally aren’t full of surprises. The mantra “any given Sunday” is often repeated around the NFL and proves true on a regular basis. That being said, here’re Bing’s best and worst picks from week two of the NFL season.
Best: Bing accurately predicted the Green Bay Packers beating the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams have been the class of the NFC over the last few years and historically the Seahawks have gotten the better of the Packers. The Seahawks started off the season with a hard loss to the Rams and were determined not to start out the season with two losses. Despite relatively high stakes of early season victories, (statistically it’s hard to make the playoffs after starting 0-2) the Seahawks fell to the Packers, led by a classic Aaron Rodgers performance including disciplined play and a fourth quarter comeback.
Worst: While it’s true that any team can win on any given Sunday, it’s still odd that Bing predicted the Buffalo Bills would defeat the New England Patriots. Coming off of last season’s deflate-gate scandal, Tom Brady and the Patriots have responded with a vengeance. Brady is on pace to break his own record for touchdowns in a season. The Patriots look determined to prove to everyone that they could win with footballs full of lead, helium, or just the right amount of air.
While the Bills under head coach Rex Ryan have a talented roster, the team ultimately fell short of beating their division rival.
To check out Bing’s predictions for the upcoming week you can search “NFL predictions” into Bing, though it appears you have to wait until later in the week to see them for the next slate of games.