SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 Beta

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft's Office productivity suite? There's a new public beta of SoftMaker's Office 2012 suite that was recently made available. Go check it out, you might like it.

"The price of Microsoft office can seem very steep, especially if you’re don’t qualify for its cut down Student version. Yet there are numerous other office applications out there and investigating an alternative like SoftMaker Office 2012 could save you some money. "SoftMaker Office 2012 is the latest version of the office suite from SoftMaker Software. It comes in two versions; Standard and Professional. The Standard version includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs. The Professional suite includes all the standard has to offer plus a personal information client that handles email, calendar and task lists."

SoftMaker Office 2012 is also fully compatible with Microsoft Office file formats such as DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX. It can also save to each of these formats. The beta is free for a limited trial and ends on October 30th, so grab it while its hot!

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