SoftKinetic raises bar of gesture recognition with new Beta release

The guys over at SoftKinect have released an open developer beta for their iisu 3.0 software, which allows developers to build gesture-recognition applications for use on any 3D camera.

The software, called iisu 3.0, was announced during the recent Korea Games Conference. iisu 3.0 contains several new features that makes it easier for developers to easily create stunning games and applications in the developer environment of their choice. For example:

  • New gesture library – iisu’s new gesture library allows game designers and technical artists to kick-start their apps in record time by simply dragging and dropping desired sets of gestures.
  • Ease of integration – iisu is available in developers’ favorite environments, from Flash to Unity3D to C++ , C and C#.
  • Skeleton tracking – Full skeleton tracking is now available in the free version of iisu for the first time.
  • New iisu toolbox – iisu’s new toolbox provides access to live data and performance analytics during development.
  • Day one productivity – Thanks to a large library of samples, developers will be up and running with iisu in record time.

“iisu 3.0 brings a whole new dimension to gesture recognition,” states Eric Krzeslo, chief strategy officer of SoftKinetic. “The community has been pretty active with the free version of iisu 2.8 since it was made available back in March at the Game Developers Conference. The market is expecting an easy to use, yet professional and commercial solution to build games and application, and this is precisely what we are offering them.”

At the moment, developers can snag the open beta version of iisu 3.0 for free at and the final release of the product will be available for free on the 9th of December.

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