Snapchat wins again: Rudy Huyn's 6discover soon to be pulled for content infringement

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Snapchat wins again: Rudy Huyn's 6discover soon to be pulled for content infringement

Who didn’t see this one coming. Snapchat has initiated a content infringement complaint against Rudy Huyn’s latest app, 6discover. With 6discover, users were able to discover news stories from popular sources like MTV, CNN, Cosmopolitan, the Food Network, National Geographic, and more. All wrapped up in a beautiful user interface that focuses on the content. Within 24 hours of being in the Windows Phone Store, Rudy was asked by Snapchat’s lawyers to take it down.

Rudy has taken it to Twitter today to basically reveal that 6discover will soon be pulled from the Windows Phone Store. “Bye 6discover. Don’t speak me about Snapchat anymore, don’t hesitate to promote #cyberdust by @mcuban to your friends.” For those curious, Cyberdust is a similar messaging service that is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Clearly it sounds like Rudy is frustrated with attempting to bring Snapchat’s services to Windows Phone. You can read all about their history right here.

If you have 6discover installed, enjoy it while it lasts (you can download it right here). Rudy has been walking a fine line with his apps. Although Rudy is offering his apps for Windows Phone users to enjoy, the actual content owners see it as copyright/content infringement if they do not give their blessing. Yes, Rudy is allowing Windows Phone users access to these services, but unofficially. This can open up scrutiny, security issues, and other liabilities for big companies like Snapchat. Let us know in the comments below if you think Snapchat is in the right or the wrong for having 6discover removed.

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