Snapchat for Windows Phone petition now has over 43 thousand signatures -
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Snapchat for Windows Phone petition now has over 43 thousand signatures

Snapchat for Windows Phone petition now has over 43 thousand signatures

Back in late 2014, Snapchat began laying down the hammer on the unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone '6Snap' and various other third party apps. Rudy Huyn, the man behind the amazing 6Snap app, even went out of his way to negotiate with Snapchat and offer them the source code of 6Snap so Windows Phone users can remain happy. There were countless online petitions for an official Snapchat app to no avail. Snapchat even threatened to ban account holders who use third-party apps to access the popular photo messaging service. 

That was months ago and we've yet to hear anything official from Snapchat. The company's support account on Twitter hinted at the development of a Snapchat app for Windows Phone, but no details were given. Currently on, a popular petition site, there are over 43 thousand signatures from Windows Phone users who wish to see a Snapchat app on Windows Phone. Here's what the petition states:

"We have been waiting years on  an official app for Snapchat on WP, but now Snapchat are blocking us from using 6snap and then it is much more important to make an app! They're making new features into Snapchat and use money on that, but instead of that they should make an app for Windows Phone! For example SnapCash... Who is gonna use that? I think "no-one" because you must have an exact bank to use that feature so support my petition instead of all the new features for Snapchat. Just tweet them, mail them, call them and do everything you can and do your best to make a Snapchat app available for Windows Phone. Share this and please be Nice to them! Maybe they understand what we're trying to tell them!"

If you are one of the many who wish to have a Snapchat app on Windows Phone, head over here to sign the petition (if you haven't already done so). Are you still waiting for an official app or have you given up on the service? Let us know in the comments below.

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