Snapchat shuns Windows Phone users, removes "Support My Incompatible Device" feedback form

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Snapchat removes "'Support My Incompatible Device" feedback form

Much to the irritation of Windows Phone users, Snapchat removed the “‘Support My Incompatible Device” option from their feedback section. Reddit user Walliby made the Snapchat find and it is no secret that Snapchat is on the top of every Windows Phone user’s hit list. Snapchat has done its best to pull every third-party Snapchat app as soon as it hits the Windows Phone Store.

Maybe Snapchat is fed up with the countless number of requests from Windows Phone users for an official app. Rudy Huyn even handed them the source code for his third-party app 6snap so Snapchat could make an official app, but to no avail. I don’t get why Snapchat won’t release an app for Windows Phone. I understand that Windows Phone is a small slice of the smartphone market behind Android and iOS, but if you want to expand your brand so that everyone is using your app; you release your app on every phone platform in existence.

I downloaded 6snap before it was removed from the Windows Store and I think 6snap is a great third-party Snapchat app (as any app that Rudy Huyn develops is). So until Snapchat makes an official comment as to why the feature was removed, we will just have to find new ways to request a Windows Phone app. 

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