Smite now in open beta on Xbox One

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Smite now in open beta on Xbox One

The popular PC multiplayer online battle arena game, Smite, has launched its open beta on Xbox One after a closed/invite-only beta earlier this year. The game grants the player the ability to play as one of over 60 gods from a diverse range of cultures and religions. Players can play as the Norse god, Thor, the Chinese goddess, Nu Wa, or even the Hindu god, Kumbhakarna, in epic five versus five battles with other online players.

Smite differs from similar games in its genre by discarding the traditional top-down gameplay style and incorporating a third-person perspective which brings the player closer to the action and makes for a more intense gaming experience.

Smite is now free to download on Xbox One though players are encouraged to support the game through the purchase of in-game credits, skins and character DLCs. Have you played Smite on Xbox One yet? What do you think if its freemium model? Share your opinion with others in the comments below.

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