Smartphones make history, outsell PC’s for the first time

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According to a new report, smartphones have today made history by completely outselling PC’s in the last quarter of 2011. The sales of the smartphone have reportedly outnumbered the sales of PC, which has never been seen before. Apple tops the leaderboard with the top selling smartphone, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

It looks like the smartphone has made history once again, according to Business Insider, who says that the sale of smartphones has outnumbered the sale of PC’s in the last quarter. Even the company, Canalys, is stunned and “has never seen this before.”

Canalys is a mobile market research firm that estimated “158.5 million smartphones were sold in the last quarter, compared with 120.2 million personal computers.” Canalys also counts tablet’s as PC’s but even the sale of tablets hasn’t nudged the statistics. Without tablets, 93.7 million PC’s were reported to be sold.

Apple, according to the report, is the leading company is smartphone sales, and the tablet market. In second is Google “whose Android OS is the market share leader for smartphones.” However, the biggest loser is Microsoft. The PC is no longer in the list of the “most connected internet devices.”

With Windows 8 coming out, Microsoft is hoping to make a comeback by introducing new specially designed hardware on tablets (with enhanced networking features) to compete with Apple, but isn’t Windows Phone important too? Well unfortunatly, they are dead last with a 1.6% market share…on the globe. The only market that comes in lower is “other.”

People have been looking for new ways to connect to the web instantly by using handheld devices they can go anywhere. The reliability of laptops and PC’s have diminished because of their size, but they dominate because of their speeds. Can the tablet make a bigger comeback?

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