‘Smart Toilet’ is Fit for a King

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Imagine having to go to the bathroom and having the luxury of ambient lighting, surround sound, and touch screen controls while you take a crap. It’s not a dream anymore as the company Kohler is expected to come out with a new Toilet for those who desire such features.

As PCMag reports, this awesome toilet, called ‘Numi’, features an adjustable heated seat and foot warmers, embedded deodorizers, a self-cleaning bidet wand and dryer, and an iPod dock. The seat can raise itself automatically and flushes automatically when you walk away. How cool is that.

Did we mention that this toilet is also Eco-friendly? There’s an “eco flush” feature that uses .6 gallons of water as well as a full flush of 1.28 gallons.

The Numi toilet comes in either white or biscuit color. You also have a touch-screen controller located in a wall-mounted dock with a 20-foot range allowing the potty-goer the ability to control the music, water stream, and the strength of the built-in dryer.

Kholer’s president and CEO, David Kohler, describes the toilet as useful for “those consumers who want the best.. they want the latest in design and technology and want a fashion statement in their home. The luxury toilet market is coming back [in the U.S. and is] very strong in other parts of the world.”

Those interested in purchasing a Numi toilet can visit the official website. The toilet is set for release by the end of this month.

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