If you have small wrists, then Amazon still has a Microsoft Band 2 for you for only $144.99

Laurent Giret


July seems to be definitely a good time to get a Microsoft Band 2 for a great price. As we previously reported, the US Microsoft Store will be selling the fitness tracker for $174.99 (a 30% discount) until July 31, but Amazon has an even more interesting offer if you have small wrists: the small-sized Microsoft Band is currently selling for $144.99, which represents a 42% discount.

Microsoft Band 2 Amazon
The small-sized Microsoft Band 2 on Amazon.

The online retailer ran a similar offer last week, but it was only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. If you’re considering getting this model, be aware that the wristband will only fits wrists between 5.7″ and 6.5″ inches. Moreover, if you’re still not sure that you need a wearable device in your life, we encourage you to read the detailed review from one of our writers. If you use Windows Phone as your daily driver, then there is a good chance for you to enjoy it as a nice companion device for your handset.

Get the small-sized Microsoft Band 2 on Amazon