Slow download speeds in Xbox One S fixed in latest preview builds

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Xbox One S users have been suffering through some performance issues, particularly if they were in the instant-on mode. The console has been stalling when loading the dashboard, game list, and store pages. One of the only fixes was to switch it over to energy saver, but as one reddit user pointed out today, even that wasn't always a guaranteed fix.

Thankfully, the next preview build for Xbox One S should have the cure according to AS_Empire on the Xbox subreddit.

Rest assured, this is was just a software issue and has been fixed in the latest preview build and will likely be available to all users by the next public Xbox update.

Source: I've been exchanging emails with Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft.

While it's not an official statement from Microsoft, this enthusiast has been reliable on more than one occasion. Fans on the forum seem excited to have some relief.

Have you been experiencing this issue with the Xbox One S?

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