Survival horror game ‘Slender The Arrival’ now available on Xbox One

Slender The Arrival now available on Xbox One

Blue Isle Studios’ latest survival horror release, Slender The Arrival, features a brand new storyline with survival horror at its best with the next-gen improvements only the Xbox One can provide. Slender The Arrival is available for $9.99 on Xbox One or $6.99 if you are an Xbox Live Gold Member. In Slender The Arrival, you play the role of Lauren as she searches for her friend Kate who became obsessed with the lore of the Slender Man and has now mysteriously disappeared. So now it is up to Lauren to track down what happened to Kate. 

Slender The Arrival is an impressive game if you enjoy survival horror and offers a great number of scares and keeps you on your toes wondering what is going to pop out at you next. Blue Isle Studios promises that Slender The Arrival will “send the most fearless gamers into panic as they unfold the twisted mystery in a dark, foreboding atmosphere and a story fraught with terror, paranoia and other-worldly forces.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Blue Isle Studios, Slender The Arrival will give you quite a number of scares and is well worth the price. Check out the gameplay video below. Slender The Arrival is $9.99 on Xbox Live or $6.99 (if you are an Xbox Live Gold Member), obtainable via the download link below.

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