Slack Beta for Windows Phone now publicly available, download here!

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It seems everywhere a tech nerd turns; there is some article or mention of the new messaging app Slack being posted. The relatively new incumbent to the world of work-related instant messaging apps has steadily been gaining praise from users and awareness from businesses in need of new communications solutions. Unlike similar offerings, Slack development has put a real emphasis on cross platform usage. Meaning, the devs behind Slack have included the Windows platform into their ‘cross-platform’ roadmap.

The Slack messaging client for Windows Mobile has been in development and private beta for a few weeks now, and it seems the devs would like to open testing up a bit more. Today, the Slack app for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile has come out of private beta. The app is available for download to everyone on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 preview powered phone.

While the app is out of private beta, it is very much still a beta product. The Devs have noted some known issues, fixes, and upcoming features for the app.

Known Issues:

  • Live tile notification text is not cleared when that message is read.
  • The unread messages blue bar in a channel doesn’t always automatically dismiss when the newest message initially appears on the screen.
  • Text input areas sometimes receive focus when navigating causing the keyboard to open.
  • After clicking a toast notification, there might be a delay in displaying the message while the app re-establishes a connection.
  • Certain events like channel join / leave may trigger an unread channel indication when they should not.
  • Reactions are currently read only.
  • The application may not handle loss of connectivity gracefully in all situations.
  • Each message from a user is currently displayed with a picture / name header instead of joining with previous recent messages 

Fixes & Improvements

  • New design that is more similar to the other Slack mobile apps with a Windows 10 style
  • Support for various authentication methods such as two-factor authentication and guest single-sign on \
  • Live tile displaying the latest 5 messages
  • New message markers in channels, unread message bar
  • Custom emoji support & viewing message reactions
  • Faster navigation between channels
  • Profile pages


  • Performance improvements
  • File uploads
  • Adding reactions
  • Search
  • Mentions & starred items view

Currently, the app is available for download, however, with such a relatively rough release it may be pulled soon for fixes and republished at a later time. Hurry and download to try it out, in the off chance that it is removed from the Store soon.

Slack (Beta)
Slack (Beta)
Developer: ‪Slack Technologies Inc.‬
Price: Free


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