Slack (Beta) updates with new features and bug fixes -
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Slack (Beta) updates with new features and bug fixes

The Slack (Beta) app has just updated on Windows Phones and brings with its new version a feature users have been longing for; support for file uploads. The update also adds SMS two-factor authentication, the ability to preview #channels before joining, and several performance improvements and big fixes.
Here’s the full list of updates and fixes from the official version notes:

* Fixed issue where loading indicator did not unload.
* Fixed issue where channels weren't always marking as being read correctly.
* Fixed issue where links weren't clickable in Win 10
* Fixed the name.
* More bug fixes far too numerous to mention. Thank you to everyone sending in reports.

* Emoji keyboard on message entry - keyboard stays open while entering multiple messages (back button to dismiss)
* Preview mentioned #channels before joining
* Performance improvements
* SMS Two-factor authentication
* Live tile clears after opening app

* The application may not handle loss of connectivity gracefully in all situations.
* Resuming form a push notification can be slow and the latest messages may take a little while to appear.

The Slack (Beta) app has a habit of updating regularly with its previous update happening just over a week ago. That update fixed a variety of bugs and glitches ranging from channels not being marked as read, inaccurate links in push notifications, links not being clickable, emojis not rendering properly, the loading indicator not updating to unload status, and a large number of other minor fixes.
Slack is a collaboration tool and this current Slack (Beta) Windows Phone app is being used to perfect a proper app sometime in the future and is not expected to be thought of as a public release but instead one that users can test and give feedback on.
What would you like to see in the next Slack update? Share your thoughts with others in the comments below.

Slack (Beta)
Slack (Beta)
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