Slack Beta updated for Windows phones, brings improved profiles and many fixes

Jack Wilkinson

Slack for Windows Phone

Slack has released an update to their Slack Beta app, as found by MSPU, on Windows phones. Slack enables companies and groups to communicate more freely, providing many helpful features to assist in the day-to-day workflow.

In this update, the app has received an update to the profile page, which includes enlarging a user’s avatar so that it can be seen more clearly. There are also many fixes for bugs throughout the app:

  • In rare cases the app would hang on the channel loading screen, seemingly intending to do that forever. We’ll never find out if it would actually hang forever, now: because we fixed it.
  • In multiple scenarios we ran a risk of encountering a null state for no good reason. We’re doing our best to never touch that void again.
  • Some pictures were just big for low memory devices and caused unpleasant errors. And no image. You should now get less error, more image.
  • Sometimes you would like to remove people from group messages, not only add new ones. We understand. You can now do that again.
  • The screen for inviting users to channels, private channels or group messages always showed the same header. We changed it so that the header actually makes sense now.
  • Improved indication for image downloads. So you know when the image landed on your device.

This update is available in the Windows Store now for Windows phones.

Slack (Beta)
Slack (Beta)
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