Slack adds calls, still working on bringing them to Windows Phone

In a bright spot in a somewhat gloomy week for Windows Phone enthusiasts so far, one of today’s most hip developer in the communication market, Slack, has gone on Twitter to confirm about the continued development of its Windows Phone app.

For a bit of context, the Slack team is adding a new feature to their service : voice calling. “Like explaining seat belts in an airplane”, to quote the developer, is a nice way to say how familiar the Slack calling experience should be: press phone icon, make calls. There are some nifty special features compare to the competitors, not least among which is the ability to use emojis right in the voice chat. If Slack’s voice calling works well, it may well make the simple chat service a heavy competitor to the likes of Skype for Business. The feature is coming to the desktop Slack app on Windows.

Why the need to show emotion when chatting, when you can put a smiley instead?

Why the need to show emotion when chatting, when you can put a smiley instead?

“What about the Windows Phone version of the app then?”, you may ask. Richard Devine from Windows Central, who goes by the handle @Ricker666, posed that exact same question to the Slack’s official Twitter account. The response, while somewhat uplifting, is decidedly vague and errs on the side of caution. On the one hand, the developer confirms they are still working on the app, which is still in beta on the Windows Phone store. On the other hand, there is also no semblance of a time frame given, only that it will be “a little further down the road” before the feature officially comes to the world of Windows Phone users.

All in all, while the news should alleviate some worry for Windows Phone users who uses Slack, the stock phrase given is in no way a good assurance. Perhaps Microsoft is also tired of waiting: we reported the company’s recent investment into HelpShift, another buzzing chat startup, whose future plans include voice services. Perhaps the Redmond giant is preparing to forge its own ways again? Only time will tell.

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