Skype’s screen sharing feature is finally coming to iOS and Android devices

Laurent Giret

Skype on iOS and Android will soon get the screen sharing feature that has been available on the desktop for years. The feature is currently live in the latest beta app for Skype Insiders (via Neowin), and it can be turned on during a call by tapping the “…” button and selecting Share Screen.

With screen sharing coming soon to iOS and Android, it really seems like the new cross-platform version of Skype is slowly but surely really closing the feature gap between desktop and mobile devices. This is also possible because Apple has slightly opened up its iOS platform, lauching a new ReplayKit framework allowing developer to build app extensions for live broadcasting. On iOS, the Mixer Create app also allows iPhone and iPad users to stream video from their screens.

As usual, screen sharing on mobile devices will remain in testing with Skype Insiders for a couple of weeks before it becomes generally available. If you want to get early access to this feature, you can learn more about how to become a Skype Insider on this page.