Skype’s improved experience highlighted, ‘exciting new features’ to come

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Microsoft Skype

In an official blog post, Microsoft has highlighted the improved experience with Skype, especially on Windows 8. Microsoft has laid the groundwork for new and exciting features to come.

“We’ve made significant technological improvements in the past year. These improvements help ensure that Skype video, audio and chat are there when you want them, help preserve the battery on your mobile device, and prepare the way for exciting new capabilities that we’re building now,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

“We’ve made significant technological improvements in the past year.”

Microsoft’s adoption of the cloud to assist Skype clients to deliver chats and connect calls is the company’s biggest architectural change in 10 years, according to Microsoft. “As we continue on this journey these new technologies are helping us to drive improved battery life and improved connections making Skype as a whole more resilient and providing a platform for exciting new features that we will introduce in the coming months,” Microsoft adds.

Video messaging is one of the new features thanks to the cloud and Microsoft plans to continue working on improving this feature. already allows you to click and call with Skype without having to leave your browser.

Microsoft also mentioned in the blog post that sign-up, sign-in, improving security, and managing Skype accounts has been another focus for the company. Thanks to Microsoft Account, Microsoft wants you to only have one account to remember.

“Skype chat is an area we have been investing in. Our users send billions of chat messages every month, and enhancing the performance and quality of this core messaging experience is one of the key improvements we have made with the support of our cloud,” Microsoft adds.

Thanks to the Skype cloud, chat messages can be queued and delivered even if the intended recipient is offline. The recipient can receive the massage even though the Skype app isn’t running. This feature is currently available on Windows Phone 8, with support for additional mobile platforms in the works.

Microsoft is also working to synchronize chat message status across all devices that have Skype and this feature will roll out within the next few months.

Oh, don’t you worry about battery life. “Our cloud will help preserve your device’s battery by enabling the mobile Skype app to stay in “sleep” mode until you need it through the use of push notifications,” the company adds.

Microsoft has already enabled a better Skype experience on Windows 8.1. Skype on Windows 8.1, which comes built-into the operating system, allows for answering calls directly from the lock screen with the choice of audio, video or a message.

Microsoft is “committed to constantly innovate and improve our features to provide the best possible experience” so stay tuned for some new updates!

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