Skype for Xbox One now offers a new Snap calling experience in latest update

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Skype for xbox one now offers a new snap calling experience in latest update

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to Skype for Xbox One, allowing users to snap a Skype video or voice call into other app experiences. This update is based on user feedback.

"As you’ll remember, Snap makes it possible to experience two apps on your Xbox One at once – like watching TV while looking up sports scores in Internet Explorer. Previously, you could only Snap other apps into Skype for Xbox One. With this update, the reverse is now possible, allowing you to now Snap a Skype video or voice call into other app experiences," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

You can continue what you are doing and have Skype Snapped to the side of your screen, controlling the call or adding another friend to the call without leaving what you were doing in the first place. Along with this new Snap experience, the update also addresses a few bugs and improves Skype startup time on the Xbox One. 

This update is rolling out now.

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