Skype for Xbox 360 coming soon? New job listings appear online

Zac Bowden

When Microsoft said that they had purchased Skype, we immediately assumed the company would develop an Xbox 360 alternative to the service. Today, new job listings have appeared online looking for developers to develop a Skype app for the Xbox.

Xbox 360 Skype

Microsoft have posted up two new Job openings regarding Skype on the Xbox 360 in London. One being an Engineering Manager and the other a Software Development Engineer.

The job listing don’t go into much detail about the project unfortunately, but it’s good to know that the company is in full swing on the development of the Skype app for Xbox 360.

Following the ‘jist’ of the current user interface of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, the Skype app is expected to be influenced by Metro, as the dashboard on the 360 currently is.