Skype wants to be music to your ears at upcoming TED talk

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Skype wants to be music to your ears at upcoming TED talk

TED, which stands for technology, education and design, was founded in 1984 and has grown to encompass a lot more in the time since its launch. It's not uncommon to see comedians, magicians and musicians give talks at the famous shows. Now, Microsoft's communications service, Skype, is sending an ambassador to one of the famous lectures to speak about his work and his utilization of technology in the field.

Skype Music Moment Maker Frank Bell, a cellist, will talk about how he uses the service to collaborate and even record with other musicians, even if they are located half a world away from him. "Frank’s musical performances take him all over the world, and he uses Skype on a daily basis to stay in touch with fellow musicians and producers both in the US and in far-flung corners of the globe", says Skype's Lucy Woolfenden.

Frank will appear via Skype at TED along with singer Amanda Palmer, showcasing how the service works. The talk is coming up in just a few days, taking place on March 19th. You can follow @SkypeMoments on Twitter for more information about the show.

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