Skype users in India will no longer be able to call India-based phones

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Skype users in India will no longer be able to call phones, starting November 10

Starting on November 10, you will no longer be able to call landlines or mobile phones through Skype in India. Microsoft has not issued a specific reason, but has apologized to users and those affected will receive full refunds.

To clarify, Skype users in India will not be able to call phone lines in India. They will still be able to call phones that are based in other countries. Users not in India can still call phones in India. Calls to Skype users are still, of course, available.

The Indian Government regulates companies with VoIP services and does not let them make internet-based calls from India. The companies had to reroute calls from Indian users to other countries to comply with this law and still deliver the functionality to Indian users.

While Skype has apparently decided to stop, there are still companies such as Viber that still have this functionality. We will update you with any news of other companies following suit.

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