Microsoft brings drawing to Skype in new app update, debuts first on Windows Phone

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Skype updates their Windows Phone app with drawings

Skype has updated their Windows Phone app to support drawings, in addition to other fixes. Windows Phone users can now tap the + icon at the app bar and choose 'drawing' to begin drawing a picture to send. The app also improves resume times and makes changes to how the app logs in.

Windows Phone is finally getting some special treatment from the Skype team. The Windows Phone app is the first to be able to draw on the screen and send as a picture. This is a very simple and straight forward feature, which has already been seen in other mobile apps like SnapChat. It makes sense to enable users to easily draw their own pictures directly in the Skype app, keeping users from switching back and forth to send personal drawings. Skype does not mention if this feature is coming to iOS and Android, but that would make sense.

In addition to drawing, Skype will now sign in automatically with the Microsoft account associated with the phone. Thanks to user feedback, Skype has enabled the ability to sign in with your Skype name if you prefer. Phones with HD screens will now get a better resolution experience. Finally, the update app offers a faster app resume.

Skype encourages users to continue their feedback. Skype has a dedicated UserVoice page as well as the standard Facebook, Twitter, and Skype community forums.

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