Skype TX gets updated with new controller software, and more

by Email Twitter: DaveWShanahan Jul 9th, 2015 in News

Skype TX gets updated with new controller software, and more

Straight from the Skype Blog, Skype TX got updated with new features. Skype TX is Skype software that allows producers and broadcasters to control and manage different Skype TX feeds from a single interface. Skype TX controller updated its software and has more features to help Skype TX users create even better content. This new content includes live video previews, remote setting controls, and integration with Skype contacts. 

The Skype TX client software allows you to find contributors and start calls easier than ever. You can find contributors through your own Skype contacts, or by searching the Skype directory using a name, Skype name, or email address. Once you find someone, you can add them to your shared contacts list so you can contact them through Skype TX.

Skype TX provides broadcasters with the latest tools to manage and monitor your Skype video calls. Call quality is paramount to a successful broadcast using Skype TX and Skype TX provides you with a new video preview feature that you can use to compare all of your live calls side by side on the Skype TX control screen. You can preview inbound and outbound video call quality, take a screenshot of the contributor, or use the call quality indicator to monitor real-time audio and video signals to make sure that they don’t fall below your own Skype TX preset levels.

News programs, late-night shows, and YouTube broadcasters can use Skype TX to control up to 14 Skype participants in one simple, easy-to-use interface. You can learn more about how Skype TX is being used in film and TV, or buy Skype TX hardware from Skype’s partners; NewTek, Quicklink and Riede. Microsoft is offering the new Skype TX controller software for free

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