Skype TX broadcast technology gets an Emmy Award

Laurent Giret

Skype TX, Microsoft’s multi-platform solution that lets broadcasters integrate studio-grade Skype calls into their production workflow, has just won an Emmy Award for Technology & Engineering. While the technology is probably not well known by the public, it’s actually quite popular with real-time broadcasters, enabling some unforgettable TV moments (remember this Professor being distracted by his cute children during a live interview on BBC News?).

“In the four years since inception, the Skype TX team has worked hard to help push the boundaries of broadcast television, and that hard work has paid off with an Emmy Award for Technology & Engineering in 2017,” shared the Skype team in a blog post. Other notable recipients include the Apple TV in the “Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TV Content” category, as well as YouTube in the “Video Identification Technology to Protect Content Value and Copyright” category.

“Skype TX has already been used by over 1,200 broadcasters internationally, including the BBC, CNN, ESPN, and Al Jazeera,” explained the Skype team. “We’ve reached 30 percent of top-tier broadcasters and delivered over 20-million minutes of high-quality Skype calls.” In addition to this Emmy award, these numbers are quite a big milestone for the industry technology that launched just four years ago.