Skype shortens the distance between long-distance relationships, a love story through Skype

Skype seems to have mixed approval rating amongst its users at times, that can vary from tempered indifference for some to keyboard breaking frustration for others.

However, there is another subset of its users who outright love the product which includes Justine and Derek from La Verne, CA.

Thanks to the video conferencing software, Skype has helped countless military families keep in touch and stay together through some very trying times. For Justine and Derek, Skype was the connecting tissue that helped rekindled and keep their relationship connected.

“I love to say Skype was the lifeline to our relationship. Since we hadn’t been in touch for three years, we were able to catch up as though we were in the same room. Thousands of miles became close to nothing when we were face-to-face.

I was so grateful to reconnect this way, and we were able to grow each day in how we cared for each other. We would talk and talk for hours—and it was wonderful! This went on for two years during which time, I saw him for two weeks at a time while he was on leave from the Army.”

Obviously, the team over at Skype was more than enthused to hear about Skype's help in Justine and Derek's relationship, and they took the opportunity to chronicle their communications.

From 365 love note to surprise graduation presents, Skype is sharing Justine and Derek's long distance love story that ends in very poignant culmination.

While some may see Skype as the laggard video conferencing software option compared to more recent offerings, others are making the best of its features and possibilities.

Let us know how and what you use Skype to accomplish.

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