Skype pulls Click to Call from Safari for Apple OSX Mavericks

Skype pulls Click to Call from Safari for Mavericks

The latest Mac operating system update, which moves customers from Mountain Lion to Mavericks, was met with the usual amount of fanfare from the Apple faithful. But version 10.9 of OS X also comes with the early bugs that tend plague operating system releases. The latest to rear its head involves Skype, the popular Microsoft communications app, that provides Click to Call plugins for most major web browsers.

The service has pulled the app from Safari for Mavericks, stating problems with compatibility as the reason for the decision. “Due to changes in the new Mac OS X Mavericks, the Skype Click to Call plugin is no longer compatible with the Safari (Mac) browser and we need to stop distributing it temporarily”. The company has posted instructions for disabling the extension, if you have it installed.

For now, users can simply follow the quick steps to stop using Click to Call. However, Microsoft promises it is working on a better solution, one that will allow customers to actually use Skype from the Apple operating system. “Yes, Skype is working on a solution to make Click to Call available on Safari again. Watch this space”, promises Skype’s Asher Ismail in a recent statement.

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