Skype preview for iOS updated with fixes for video messages and calls

Jack Wilkinson

Skype for iPhone Update Valentines Day

Microsoft has rolled out an update to its Skype Insider channel on iOS using Apple’s TestFlight service. This latest update brings fixes for some key areas, which includes video messaging and calls, however, it also brings back an improvement that was previously removed for bots.

Video Messaging

From now on, if the device is held in landscape when recording a video message, the preview will play as expected. Unfortunately, a UI issue still persists whereby the delete option does not rotate into landscape. Finally, a bug that displayed an incorrect playback progress value has also been fixed, so it now correctly displays how far along in the playback of the recording the user is.


If a user was in a Skype call but then had to take a standard GSM call, Skype would automatically put the call on hold, allowing the user to answer the incoming call. This caused a bug where once the GSM call had finished, the Skype call would not resume. This has now been resolved and calls should automatically resume as expected. Additionally, some users were experiencing an issue where there would be no audio when switching from the current call to an ongoing call, this has also been resolved, as well as an active where the active call disappeared on certain screens.


Many moons ago, Skype Bots would have a hexagonal avatar placeholder. In a previous update, this was removed. Due to user feedback about it being hard to tell apart actual people from the bots, bots now have hexagonal avatars again.

That’s it for this update – remember to keep sending feedback via the TestFlight app on iPhone and iPad devices.