Skype Preview app gets new preview media feature, regular app gets compact list mode

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has updated its Skype Preview app on the desktop to add previews for photos and files you want to share with your contacts before hitting the send button. This new feature is live on Skype Preview version on Windows, Mac, Linux and the web, but the Skype team said it’s coming soon to mobile devices.

“When you select the file or photo you want to share, they will be added to the message field first so you can give a quick look to ensure only the right files or photos are going to be sent. You’ll also be able to include a quick message or description for them to be sent together,” the Skype team explained.

For users of the regular Skype desktop app, the latest public version has also gained a new Compact List mode, a feature that was previously available in the Classic Skype app. You can turn it on in Settings > Appearance > Sidebar, with an additional option to display or hide user and conversation icons. These settings will apply to the lists of recent chats, calls, as well as the contact list section.

We’re not seeing this compact list mode on mobile yet, but new features often seem to launch first on the desktop. The easiest way to check new features is to use the Skype Preview web app, which as of today only works on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.