Skype will apparently have three-dimensional video calling once technology catches up

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Skype for Windows

The Skype team has been working very hard this month as they have been improving and updating their service frequently. We've seen the addition of HD support for the iPad and several other fixes. Today, Microsoft’s Corporate VP for Skype, Mark Gillett, has told the public in an interview with the BBC about their project to use 3D video in Skype video calls. The team is celebrating Skype’s 10th anniversary today.

Although they have been working on this project for a while and seeing excellent results, the Skype team still believes that there is a lot of work to be done before they actually release it to the public. This is because 3D technology is not receiving the hype that everyone had for it when it first got released. 3D technology nowadays has very poor user demand.

“We've done work in the labs looking at the capability of 3D-screens and 3D-capture," the senior executive commented. "We've seen a lot of progress in screens and a lot of people now buy TVs and computer monitors that are capable of delivering a 3D image. But the capture devices are not yet there. As we work with that kind of technology you have to add multiple cameras to your computer, precisely calibrate them and point them at the right angle.”

On the other hand, we now know that Skype will be bringing 1080p video calls to hardware beyond the upcoming Xbox One console. Would you find 3D calls on Skype useful?

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